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Üniversite Kütüphanelerinde Yenilikçi Hizmetler: TED Üniversitesi Ayşe Ilıcak Kütüphanesi Örneği 133
Molecular vibrations of isotopically substituted AB(2) molecules 105
8cb34302-6010-48b1-8504-b5679365c3d5 28
The Effects of the SENG Parent Education Model on Parents and Gifted Children 26
Strain Engineering of Germanium Nanobeams by Electrostatic Actuation 25
Adaptation of the Approaches to Teaching Inventory into Turkish and Analysis of Turkish Academics' Approaches to Their Own Teaching 22
Anatase TiO2 Nanowires Functionalized by Organic Sensitizers for Solar Cells: A Screened Coulomb Hybrid Density Functional Study 22
Gezi Park Protests in Turkey: A Party Politics View 21
Emerging Adults’ Psychopathology in Seven Countries: The Impact of Identity-Related Risk Factors 21
Inventory Control with Multiple Setup Costs 21