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Üniversite Kütüphanelerinde Yenilikçi Hizmetler: TED Üniversitesi Ayşe Ilıcak Kütüphanesi Örneği 152
Molecular vibrations of isotopically substituted AB(2) molecules 114
Ayna Nöronların İncelenmesi ve Robotik Ayna Terapisi Sisteminin Geliştirilmesi 114
Religiosity and Emotion Regulation 85
Psychopathology in adolescents from seven countries: What role does controlling identity development and family relationships play? 83
Deficits in Basic Number Competencies May Cause Low Numeracy in Primary School Children 74
"I need to be update" : Fear of missing out and its antecedents as predictors of adolescents' and emerging adults' aspects of social media addiction 72
Adolescents' eating behaviors in the era of social media : the role of social comparison, body satisfaction and needs satisfaction 62
Okul Çapında Zenginleştirme Modeline Dayalı Zenginleştirme Uygulamalarının İlköğretim Öğrencileri Üzerindeki Etkilerinin İncelenmesi 54
Predicting economic growth using machine learning techniques and sentiment analysis 52