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Üniversite Kütüphanelerinde Yenilikçi Hizmetler: TED Üniversitesi Ayşe Ilıcak Kütüphanesi Örneği 135
Molecular vibrations of isotopically substituted AB(2) molecules 108
Religiosity and Emotion Regulation 51
Deficits in Basic Number Competencies May Cause Low Numeracy in Primary School Children 46
Psychopathology in adolescents from seven countries: What role does controlling identity development and family relationships play? 36
"I need to be update" : Fear of missing out and its antecedents as predictors of adolescents' and emerging adults' aspects of social media addiction 33
8cb34302-6010-48b1-8504-b5679365c3d5 28
The Effects of the SENG Parent Education Model on Parents and Gifted Children 27
Advantages of industry-academia partnerships for the development of professional competences in civil engineering 27
Transport Modeling of Microplastics and an Application to Fethiye Bay 26